About Us

The Humbug Scrub Wildlife Sanctuary Inc. was established in 1905 by conservation pioneer Thomas Paine Bellchambers. It is located approximately 50 km north of Adelaide near the Para Wirra Conservation Park. It is 88 acres of significant natural scrub land inhabited by free roaming wildlife such as western grey kangaroos, emus, koalas, echidnas, ducks and many smaller creatures. The Sanctuary also cares for wildlife “pets” such as birds and possums after their previous owners have died or are no longer able to look after them, as well as some that Fauna Rescue have placed in our care.

Our Animals

All of our animals are Australian natives that have been injured or neglected and require our help for continued survival or pets that required new homes

Our Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is one of the oldest Wildlife Sanctuaries in Australia and consists of over 80 acres of natual Australian landscape

Our History

Since 1905, Humbug Scrub Wildlife Sanctuary has been run by the Bellchambers family.

Let's care for our beautiful Australian Animals!